White Paradise by Louis Tanuhadi

White Paradise by Louis Tanuhadi

Dear Frozen Art Chef readers, we are pleased to share with you the exclusive “White Paradise” plated dessert recipe, ideated by Louis Tanuhadi, Director and Executive Pastry Chef at the Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts Indonesia, secretary general of the Indonesia Pastry Alliance as well as Ambassador for Embassy Chocolate. He has been the Captain at the very first Asian Gelato Cup at Food&Hotel Asia (FHA) in Singapore, representing Indonesia. He recently started running gelato courses in collaboration with Carpigiani Gelato University and he will be the Team Captain at the 2022 Asian Gelato Cup!

White Paradise Plated Dessert: the Recipe


Quantity (GR)


Almond Sponge
Almond ground   100 – Whip almond, icing sugar, eggs, and yolks until thick
Icing sugar   100
Eggs   65
Egg yolks   40
Cake flour   70 – Fold in the flour
Egg whites   160 – Whip becomes soft peak meringue, fold into it above. Pour into a baking tray and bake at 180o C for 10 minutes
Sugar   100
Tropical Fruit Jelly
Glucose   40 – Cook glucose and sugar to caramel
Sugar   70
Mango puree   50 – Stop caramel cooking with fruit puree & juice
Passionfruit puree   100
Lime juice   20
Sugar   10 – Mix sugar & pectin, add to above and continue to cook to boil, add in the diced fruit. Pour onto the baked almond sponge and freeze it. Using a round cutter, cut the frozen fruit & the jelly sponge.
Pectin NH   8
Fresh mango diced   160
Fresh pineapple diced   160
Pineapple Cheese Mousse
Pineapple Puree   200 – Heat the puree, pour it into the white chocolate, add in the bloomed gelatin, and mix well
White chocolate   70
Gelatin   6
Cream cheese   170 – Fold in the cream cheese to the mixture using a stick blender
Italian meringue   80 – Fold in the Italian meringue, then the whipped cream
Whipped cream   140
Italian Meringue
Sugar   120 – Boil sugar & water at 120o C, then pour into the whipped egg whites at a slow speed
Water   50
Egg whites   80 – Continue to whip at a medium speed, till soft peaks
Coconut Crumble Base
Caramelized coconut   50 – Melt the chocolate and butter, then mix all ingredients, roll thin up to 2mm, freeze it and cut with a round cutter
Almond crumble   50
White chocolate   50
Butter   30
Caramelized coconut
Desiccated coconut   50 – Mix all & bake at 150o C for 20 minutes
Sugar syrup   90
Almond Crumble
Butter   50 – Mix the ingredients all together until you get a crumble texture, bake 150o C for 20 minutes
Brown sugar   50
Cake Flour   50
Almond ground   25
Mango Passion Fruit Coulis
Mango puree   100 – Cook all together to dissolve the sugar. Let it cool before inject into the white chocolate balls
Passionfruit puree   150
Sugar   125
Glucose   50
White Chocolate Soil
Sugar   180 – Boil the sugar and water at 135o C, pour and stir directly into the melted chocolate using a wooden spoon, and add in the sea salt
Water   70
White Chocolate   80
Sea salt   2
Coconut Gelato
Milk   700 – Heat all ingredients together at 85o C, then sieve the mixture through a strainer. Place in the chiller 4 hours minimum for maturation, 12 hours are recommended.

Process it with a Carpigiani gelato machine.

Cream   100
Milk powder   50
Sugar   120
Glucose   40
Coconut cream   200
Stabilizer   5
Pandan leaf   15
Vanilla   2

Buon Gelato a Tutti!