Chestnut by Jeffrey Wang


Chestnut by Jeffrey Wang

Frozen Art Chef is pleased to publish one of the latest recipes created by the Taiwanese Pastry Chef Jeffrey Wang, founder of Volute Croissant and Fla Fla Tu Tu Patisserie. This frozen dessert is a perfect menu addition during the fall season. Try it out and send us your feedback at!


Chestnut sponge cake

butter奶油185 g

chestnut paste有糖栗子55 g


sugar砂糖60 g

cream鮮奶油55 g

inverted sugar轉化糖漿30 g

egg yolk蛋黃190 g

chestnut flour栗子粉160 g

baking powder泡打粉10 g

egg white蛋白175 g

sugar砂糖135 g


Chestnut gelato

milk全脂牛奶1020 g

skimmed milk powder脫脂奶粉115 g

cream鮮奶油550 g

honey蜂蜜60 g

dextrose右旋糖150 g

egg yolk蛋黃50 g

chestnut paste有糖栗子600 g

rum蘭姆酒45 g



Sirop à 30° 波美30糖水300 g

water水100 g

Whiskey威士忌50 g


Cassis jelly 黑醋栗果醬

cassis puree黑醋栗果泥175 g

raspberry puree覆盆子果泥50 g

sugar砂糖35 g

nh pectine 4 g


Cassis sorbet

water水1000 g

sugar砂糖330 g

sorbet stabilizer穩定劑15g

dry glucose powder葡萄糖粉125 g

cassis puree黑醋栗果泥1000 g

lime puree檸檬果泥30 g



butter 奶油324 g

icing sugar 糖粉216 g

almond powder杏仁粉72 g

egg 全蛋108 g

cake flour 低粉540 g


Enjoy your Chestnut, Frozen Art Chef Lovers!