LIVE: Gelato with Asian Ingredients

LIVE: Gelato with Asian Ingredients

Hi Frozen Art Lovers,

ever searched for a Recipe Book about the best Asian Gelato flavours?  Carpigiani Gelato University realised it with the support of famous instructors and chefs. The official presentation of the book (and a dedicated demo that reveals the secrets to make the most popular Asian Gelatos) will take place during a Live Streaming session on September 29th, at 09:30am (Italian time) / 3:30pm (Singapore/Bangkok/China time).

This exclusive session will be conducted by Gianpaolo Valli, Senior Instructor of the sweetest school of the world, and Michele Bartolini. They will show the creation of artisan gelato and soft serve using Asian ingredients.

How to join in? Just subscribe here and enter the promo code NETWORK. You’ll get a 20% discount  (the initial price of the live session  is 40Euro + GST) and the exclusive “Gelato with Asian Ingredients” Recipe Book will be in your hands.

Have a sneak, don’t freeze!