Pine Nuts with Rice Gelato by Si Yeon Yoo

Pine Nuts with Rice Gelato by Si Yeon Yoo

Korea’s staple food is rice. So, many Korean gelato shops sell rice gelato and many consumers like this flavour. Generally, the classic way of making rice gelato is based on the ‘variegation’ of cooked rice (as well as in “fior di latte” Italian gelato). The more you chew the rice, the sweeter it tastes.

In this recipe, created by Si Yeon Yoo, Gelato Chef and Entrepreneur – her brand is called il più – and Carpigiani Gelato University‘s instructor, rice is not added in the classic way. Si Yeon, who can be considered Korea’s Queen of Gelato, wants his clients have the feeling of a pine nuts congee. Please note that this gelato amount will be sufficient for one batch.


Milk               1,030g

Skim milk powder     45g

Sugar               195g

Dextrose             30g

Glucose powder      60g

Stabiliser              7g

Ricotta               85g

Pine nuts            120g

Salt              a pinch


  1. Heat the milk using a pot or a machine at 40℃. Put all dry ingredients when temperature reaches 40℃.
  2. After heating to 85℃, cool mixture down to 4℃.
  3. Put the ground pine nuts: don’t use a ‘food processor’. Add ricotta cheese to your cooled milk base. Mix them again.
  4. Before pouring your mixed base in the gelato machine, age it. The minimum time is 1 hour; the maximum time is 12 hours.
  5. Pour your well-aged pine nuts gelato base in the machine and freeze it.
  6. Extract gelato and mix it with cooked rice.

Buon gelato!