Sicilian Cassata Gelato by Mirko Febbrile

Sicilian Cassata Gelato by Mirko Febbrile

Mirko Febbrile, Chef de Cuisine at Braci, a one-star Michelin restaurant in Singapore and among the best internationally, shared with us, Frozen Art Lovers, his “Sicilian Cassata Gelato recipe. It’s a modern version that includes Sicilian sheep ricotta and also 30-month old Parmigiano “Vacche Rosse”.

I wanted to serve my clients something innovative and at the same time full of meanings and with different layers of flavours. I aimed to bring South and North of Italy together and pay tribute to Asia too. That’s why besides mandarin gelatine, blood orange burnt jam, Bronte Pistachio sponge and my hometown almonds, when I finish my Cassata, I also add Amarena Cherries Mochi.

I didn’t want to have something heavy or necessarily very sweet, instead I was interested to showcase bitterness, sourness and depth. This is a surprising dessert, suitable for many different variations. Feel free to express your creativity when finalising the Cassata, chefs!


500gr Sicilian sheep ricotta

100gr Parmigiano “Vacche Rosse” cheese (aged 30-months)

200gr Cream (35% fat)

80gr Skim Milk

170gr Dextrose

25gr Whole milk powder

9gr Ice cream stabilizer

Bring to 45°C milk and cream into a pot. Chop finely the Parmigiano and add to the above together with milk powder and stabiliser.

Bring to boil.

Once completely cool fold in ricotta cheese and whisk to make the mixture smooth.

Mature overnight into the fridge before processing into the ice cream machine.