GARDEN by Kengo Akabame

GARDEN by Kengo Akabame

Born in Tokyo in 1984, Chef Kengo Akabame decided to be a pastry chef when he was in high school. He studied and worked hard and took part in many contests to hit his final target  and become a world champion. Chef Akabame is actually a Pasrry Chef at Imperial Hotel Tokyo and he also participated in a Carpigiani Gelato University course to learn the secrets of Italian gelato. From the Gold medal at the 2007 Utsumi Junior Cup to the Gold prize, chocolate art piece, at the 2011 Utsumi Cup, passing through the 1st Prize at the 2015 Showpiece Championship in Atlanta, the All Japan Ice Carving Association’s Prize in 2018, the road to the World Pastry Cup has been full of unforgettable emotions and discoveries for him. At the 16th edition of the World Pastry Cup held by Sirha Lyon (France), he made a difference under the sign of resilience and creativity. Akabame combined product sourcing, natural flavours, precision, and team spirit for an intense and visionary baking experience. He dedicated to all the Frozen Art Chef lovers this exclusive recipe called “Garden”.


Shortcrust pastry 

Butter  330 g 

Caster sugar  225 g 

Bread flour  450 g 

Pastry flour  55 g 

Almond powder 55 g
Eggs  90 g 


Pastry flour  100 g 

Almond powder  100 g 

Caster sugar  100 g 

Unsalted butter  100 g 

Strawberry yuzu coulis 

Fruit’Purée « Strawberry »  250 g 

Fruit’Purée « Yuzu »  85 g
Strawberry liqueur  25 g 

Glucose syrup  22 g 

Caster sugar  59 g 

Pectin  6g 

Gelatine  2g 

Raspberry coulis 

Fruit’Purée « Raspberry »  670 g 

Raspberry liqueur  50 g
Glucose syrup  43 g 

Caster sugar  118 g 

Pectin  12 g 

Gelatine  4g 

Blueberry coulis 

Fruit’Purée « Blueberry »  335 g
Blueberry liqueur  25 g 

Glucose syrup. 22 g
Caster sugar  59 g 

Pectin  6 g 

Gelatine  2 g 


Strawberry sorbet 

Water. 400 g
Trehalose. 220 g
Caster sugar. 150 g
Dehydrated Glucose syrup Stabilizer. 80 g
Fruit’Purée « Strawberry » 900 g

Fruit’IQF « Strawberry Senga » 300 g

Strawberry liqueur  50 g

Lime milk ice cream 

Cream 35%   866 g

Milk    806 g
Caster sugar   280 g

Skimmed milk   110 g

Glucose   28 g

Stabilizer   10 g

Agar-agar   10 g

Lime zest   3 pieces

Pistachio ice cream 

Lime milk ice cream  500 g

Pistachio paste   50 g

Espuma spinach genoise 

Eggs 103 g
Milk  40 g
Trehalose  40 g

Spinach puree  20 g

Caster sugar   12 g

Pastry flour   12 g

Baking powder   4.5 g

Passion fruits glaze 

Fruit’Purée « Passion Fruit »   200 g

Caster sugar  150 g
Glucose syrup 150 g
Water  85 g

Gelatine. 12 g
Valrhona « Opalys » 100 g

Lime Glaze 

Valrhona « Absolu cristal » 200 g

Glucose  52 g
Water  48 g
Fruit’Purée « Lime »  40 g


Shortcrust pastry 

Mix white sugar with butter at room temperature. Add in eggs and mix well. Roll the dough to 1.7 mm thick.
Bake at 165 °C for 15 minutes. 


Sift all the powder ingredients.
Add butter and mix with a mixer using the foil. Pass the dough through a sieve. 

Bake at 160 °C for 15 minutes. 

Strawberry yuzu coulis / Raspberry coulis/ Blueberry coulis 

Mix purees, liqueur, and glucose syrup in a casserole add caster sugar and pectin, and mix well.
Once boiled, remove from heat, and add the gelatine previously melted in the water. Pour into the mould and keep in the freezer. 

Strawberry Sorbet 

Add the fruits (puree and pulp) and strawberry liqueur, then mix well.
Sift and allow to cool before putting into the gelato machine. 

Lime milk ice cream 

Mix cream and milk. Add the other ingredients.
Bring to boil and cool down.
Sift the mixture and put it into the gelato machine. 

Pistachio ice cream 

Mix pistachio paste with lime milk ice cream. 

Espuma spinach genoise 

Mix all the ingredients and sift. Pour the mixture into the siphon.
Place in a mug and cover with plastic film and microwave for 35 seconds. 

Passion fruits glaze 

Heat together puree, caster sugar and glucose syrup.
Add gelatine previously melted in water. 

Emulsify the mixture with Opalys. 

Lime glaze 

Heat the mixture of all the ingredients in microwave and mix with hand blender. 


1.Add « Streusel » to « Shortcrust pastry » mould, pour « Pistachio ice cream » to the brim.
2. Pour a thin layer of « Raspberry coulis » into the mould and freeze. 

3.Pipe the «Strawberry sorbet» over the «Raspberry coulis» and place the «Strawberry yuzu coulis»
4. Pipe «Lime milk ice cream » into the mould and place it in 

5. Pour in «Passion fruits glaze »
6. Place this on top of 1.
7.Pipe «Lime milk ice cream» and decorate with «Raspberry coulis» and the «Blueberry coulis».
8. Finally, spray «Lime Glaze» and decorate with «Spinach Genoise Espuma». 

Try it out and enjoy the beauty of its taste, dear Chefs!