Halva Vegan Gelato by Giapo

Halva Vegan Gelato by Giapo

Bored about “normal” gelato? If you are looking for unconventional vegan flavours, have a sneak here!

Giapo, in New Zealand, offers many innovative  (non dairy and tasty) options. “It took a lot of trial and error to perfect these recipes”, says Giampaolo Grazioli, Giapo‘s founder and chef, but he had a lot of fun making them. “You are forced to be creative because traditional ingredients need to be replaced with alternatives, today more than ever”, he continues. “This opens up new avenues of gelato which results in some very interesting creations and events”.

“Our menu features many fun vegan and dairy-free options, because we believe that Vegan is as good as the real thing, or better”, Giapo adds.

Usually, vegan ice cream is limited to a boring sorbet, but the reign of this sorbet is over. “We want vegans to feel considered and loved, so over half our gelato flavours are vegan, as well as 99% of all our creations are now Vegan”, Giapo concludes.

Vegan gelato has lots of untapped potential. It’s been around for a while, but it is still a pretty neglected concept compared to the traditional product. People don’t understand how delicious it can be.

Giapo decided to dedicate Frozen Art Chef readers a special recipe developed in collaboration with Chef Yael from Ima Cuisine, one of his favourites.

Halva Vegan Gelato GF

Soya milk 645
White sesame paste 150
Potato starch 15
Coconut butter 10
Sugar 200
Golden syrup 40
Salt 1.3
Xantan 2

It’s simple, isn’t it? Try it out, select your preferred cone (by the way, also cones can be vegan, have a look at Giapo’s Colossal Squid, the Selfie Cone, the Broken Cone, the Sourdough Donut Cone, and also the Incredible Cocoa Nibs Cone, the Pre-Loved Cone or the Melted Cone…), add tantalising toppings and give us your feedback!