Pure Lemon by Li Che Chen

Pure Lemon by Li Che Chen

Li Che Chen, the Taiwanese chef who won the 2014 Global Pastry Chefs Challenge and founded L.Z. Dessart, shared with us one of his most artistic recipes, called “Pure Lemon”. Chef Chen is able to decompose things we’re familiar with and reconstruct them with innovative techniques. He takes pastry art to the most incisive level. This delicious masterpiece combines dessert art and frozen art. Chef Chen also studied at the Carpigiani Gelato University and he keeps practicing hard to include in his recipes local high quality ingredients, experimenting new tastes and shapes. In this recipe he balances with a perfect methodology Taiwanese lemon and guava. 

Let’s start! 

1.Coconut Mousse

Caster sugar 70

Coconut Puree 270

Gelatine 7

Whipped Cream 250

Coconut wine 36

Heat the coconut mousse and the caster sugar, add the gelatine and then cool it down. 

Add the coconut wine and mix with whipping cream.

2. Passion Fruit and Orange Sprite

Passion Fruit Puree 130gr

Orange Juice 500gr

Orange Sauce 130gr

Inverted Sugar 22gr

Caster Sugar 40gr

Stabiliser 2gr

Heat the passion fruit puree, the orange juice, the orange sauce and the inverted sugar to 40℃, add caster sugar and stabiliser. Homogenise them and put the mix in the fridge for minimum one hour. 

3. Lemon Custard

Egg white 40gr

Yolk 64gr

Castor Sugar 63gr

Glucose powder 11gr

Corn powder 8gr

Lemon shavings/piece 0.5gr

Lemon juice 71gr

Cultured butter 105gr

4. Guava Lemon Sprite

Water 500gr

Guava Puree 570gr

Lemon puree 170gr

Castor sugar 100gr

Stabiliser 2gr

Inverted Sugar 40gr

Glucose powder 30gr

Heat the water, add the guava puree, the lemon puree and the inverted sugar to 40℃, add the caster sugar, the glucose powder and the stabiliser, then put the mix in the fridge for minimum one hour.

5. Almond Shortcake

Sugar 90gr

Salt-free butter 90gr

Salt 1gr

Vanilla stick 1/2

Almond pieces 68gr

Low gluten flour 18gr

Mix all the ingredients. Bake it at a temperature of 180℃ for 15 mins.

Enjoy your creation, Frozen Art Chef lovers!