Lemon & Mint Sorbet by Ferdinando Bellini

Lemon & Mint Sorbet by Ferdinando Bellini

Here is the recipe for a cool Lemon & Mint Sorbet (per 1 litre of the final product), made by Ferdinando Bellini, Gelateria Naturale Toscana (Sydney, Australia). Sorbets made with fresh seasonal ingredients and herbs are definitely a trend in the upcoming summer season in Australasia so…try this recipe out and indulge in the bitter and aromatic taste of this pure Italian Style flavour!


230ml fresh squeezed lemon
190 grams fructose
3 grams tara gum
0.5 guar gum
15 grams Fresh mint leaves
564ml water


All the process is “cold”.
1. Squeeze lemons first.
2. Put 15 grams of fresh mint in the lemon and leave to rest for 20 minutes.
3. Prepare the fructose with the Tara gum and guar gum and put in the 564mls of water.
4. Blend all together.

5. Blend the mint in the lemon juice.
6. Filter the mint leaves out.
7. Put this mixture in the syrup mix and wait another 10 mins and put straight in the batch freezer.

A note for you, dear Frozen Art Chef lovers!

Ferdinando Bellini – who moved from Tuscany to Australia 21 years ago, married an Australian girl and realized the dream to open his own Gelateria Naturale Toscana making it a family business in the most traditional Italian way – says that’s very important to use fructose derived from the fruit as an increasing number of people are getting allergic to fructose derived from corn.