Garden in a Glass

Garden in a Glass

We are pleased to share with you the exclusive recipe that made Japan impress the jurors at the 2020 Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria, on 19-21 January 2020 at the Rimini Expo Center (Italy) during SIGEP.

Japan got the silver medal at the race, reaching a new milestone and setting a world record in the Asian gelato history. It’s the very first time that an Asian Team go on the podium.

Here for you, Frozen Art lovers, the Glass single portion recipe. It has been named “Garden in a glass”.

Special thanks and congrats to Japan’s Team leader Kanjiro Mochizuki and to all the dream-team members: Naomi Matsuo, Kkenichi Matsunsga, Kengo Akabame and Hiromi Nishikawa.

Soft Gelato is a booming trend in Japan, so try it out and…Buona Degustazione!

Mascarpone and Wasabi Gelato

Milk 1,200g
Cream35% 200g
Torehalose 100g
Sugar 100g
Glucose powder 120g
Pregel super nutro milk 38g
Dextrose  20g
Pregel mascarpone 30 60g
Fresh mascarpone 200g
Wasabi 88g

*Heat milk and cream to 40°then add dry ingredients.

*Reheat to 80°add mascarpone and wasabi then barmix.

*Put it in to gelato machine.

Allergens  milk products 

Coating gel

Water 450g
Sugar 150g
Sosa vegetable gelatin 25g
Silver food color 2g

*Boil all then dip frozen mousse.


Strawberry and lime gelato

Water 600g
Torehalose 240g
Sugar 130g
Glucose powder 40g
Dextrose 40g
Pregel super neutro fruits 8g
Pregel arabeschi fragolissima 50g
Strawberry puree 880g
Lime juice 60g
Lemon skin 4 each

*Heat water and sugar then add dry ingredients.

*Barmix then combine strawberry puree and lime skin, Gelato machine


Red mirror glaze

Raspberry puree 300g
Water 200g
Sugar 180g
Gelatin 20g
Valrhona absolu crystal  240g
Concentrated raspberry 40g
Gold powder  As needed

*Bloom gelatin and combine all then boil.

*Strain then cover the frozen gelato.

Allergens  Gelatin, 

Strawberry sauce

Strawberry puree 30g
Fresh strawberry 100g
Apricot puree 50g
Lemon juice 10g
Sugar 10g
Valrhona absolu crystal 100g

*Barmix all.


Raspberry jam

Fresh raspberry 300g
Sugar 20g
Pectin 4,5g
Lemon skin 3g

Cook raspberry, sugar and pectin then add lemon skin.


Mascarpone and lemon cream

Cream 35% 475g
Milk 200g
Vanilla extract 2g
Sugar 125g
Agar 18,5g
Mascarpone 190g
Lemon skin 5g

*Boil all except mascarpone and lemon skin.

*Barmix mascarpone and lemon skin then pour into glasses, refrigerate.

Allergens  Milk products

Mascarpone cream

Mascarpone 450g
Cream35% 180g
Sugar 45g
Vanilla extract 2g

*Beat cream with sugar and vanilla then fold in the mascarpone.

Allergens   Milk products

Crispy caramel chocolate

Fondant 200g
Glucose 133g
Valrhona JIVARA LACTEE 133g

*Make a light caramel then add chocolate.

*Cool down then grind to make powder, sift on to sheet pan then bake 165°

Allergens  Soya beans

Lemon thin cookies

Butter 525g
Powder sugar 375g
Egg yolks 150g
Cake flour 280g
Bread flour 280g
Almond powder 95g
Baking powder 3g
Salt 4,5g
Lemon skin 2 each

*Cream butter and sugar then add egg yolks.

*Combine rest of ingredients then keep in refrigerator. Bake at 165°convection oven

Allergens Gluten, Almond, Egg, Milk products, Baking powder

Decoration items

Fresh raspberry As needed
Fresh strawberry As needed
Herbs As needed
Edible flower As needed
Candied lemon As needed
Disk chocokate As needed
Pregel crumbole cocoa As needed
Allergens Soya beans  Gluten